Jeff Hartlage is the owner of NetMetrics, since 2006.  These photos represent various highlights in his career:

  • Graduate of UNC Charlotte, class of 1986
  • A keypunch machine similar to the one in the top left corner was his introduction to computers.
  • He is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Upon college graduation, he moved to Detroit, MI and worked with General Motors information technology for over 10 years.
  • Jeff in an original FSL holder for Charlotte 49ers football (and is in this picture on the field with the American Flag during the inaugural game)
  • He can frequently be found volunteering at local professional golf tournaments (including Wells Fargo, US Open, Presidents Cup and PGA Championship)
  • While not an original shareholder from the 1920s, Jeff has been a shareholder for over 25 years in the Green Bay Packers.
  • The North Carolina coast is one of Jeff's favorite things about living in the Tar Heel state
  • Married since 1988 to wife Kelly, seen here at Bryce Canyon, Utah
  • Two children - Greg (works in Sports Communications at Western Carolina University) and Jill (earned her culinary degree and has experience at several local restaurants)
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