SEO Audit Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Website audits are comprehensive evaluations of a website’s performance in relation to industry benchmarks and standards.

The purpose of conducting a website audit is to identify any problems or issues that might be hindering its effectiveness, thus providing opportunities for improvement and optimization. Here is an overview of what is typically included in a professional website audit:

  • Crawl analysis: Detection of crawling errors, broken links, and redirect issues.
  • Mobile compatibility review: Ensuring the site is mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Site speed assessment: Checking page load times and optimising for faster performance.
  • Indexation analysis: Ensuring pages are being indexed correctly by search engines.
  • Keyword optimization: Review of keyword usage and on-page content optimization.
  • Meta tags and descriptions: Evaluation of meta information for SEO best practices.


  • Would you know what to do?

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